Dirty Indicator” is nothing but the indication of “Modified Unsaved” file in Visual Studio IDE. In Visual Studio 2010, by default dirty icon shows as “*”. Using productivity tool we can customize this icon.

To launch the VS 2010 productivity Tool, from Visual Studio IDE Go To Tools > Option > Productivity Power Tool


You will find the Dirty Indicator under Document Tab Well > General Settings . Dirty Indicator having 4 different value, by default sets to “Default” which means it will indicate unsaved modified file as “*” .


Now you can easily change the indicator value from the dropdown list. There are four different option of Indicator.

  • Default
  • Small Dot DirtyIndicatorType
  • Dot
  • Disk

Below is the list of icon that represented by each indicator.


I have set my dirty indicator to “Small Dot”. What’s yours ? :)

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