My Experience at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011– 25th March 2011- Bangalore

Microsoft Tech-Ed is the premier technical and networking event for tech enthusiastic which is mainly focused on current and upcoming Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. Tech-Ed India 2011 held at the The Lalit Ashok Hotel , Bangalore From 23rd –25th March 2011. I didn’t think that I will be attending the Tech-Ed 2011 this year as I had already been there at TechReady , Seattle and was busy with my other travel and some of project delivery. But, I finally managed a single day ( thanks to my manager and team mates )  for travel to Bangalore from Hyderabad to attend and meet community geeks over Tech-Ed.


Creating a simple Context Sensitive Help for ASP.NET Controls using jQuery

In this blog post I am going to explain how we can create a simple  Context Sensitive Help for ASP.NET Controls using jQuery. This has been done based on the selection of a controls in a ASP.NET Web Form. On control selection / focus  jQuery Loads a  HTML Content from a remote file, then it’s apply the filter based on the control id and inject the filtered content into a predefined placeholder  with in the DOM Hierarchy.

14 Useful .NET Debugging Tips & Tricks in Visual Studio


List of few useful debugging tips and tricks

1. How to use Runtime Objects in Watch Window during debugging in Visual Studio ?

2. How to use out of scope object with in Conditional Breakpoint ? 

3. Use Conditional Breakpoints with Method Calling in Visual Studio

4. Calling Methods From Watch Window

5. Changing Variables Display Format in Watch Window

6. Get Object Generation using Watch Window

7. Save IntelliTrace Log from IntelliTrace Window

8. Last Session Debugging Value using Data Tips

9. Few Tips on Customizing Debugging Window View in Visual Studio

10. Using DebuggerStepThrough attributes to stepped over code during debugging

11. Hide Methods from debugger Using DebuggerHidden attribute

12. Use “Obsolete” attributes to indicate Obsolete Methods

13. How to suppress compiler warning using #pragma warning directives in Visual Studio ?

14. Customize the Debugging Windows : Change Debugging Window View as per your requirements

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ASP.NET Custom Repeater Control with EmptyTemplate, ShowHeaderWhenEmpty,ShowFooterWhenEmpty,ShowCount Properties

If you have worked with ASP.NET GridView Control you must be aware of GridView.EmptyDataTemplate Property  which Gets or sets the user-defined content for the empty data row when a GriimagedView control  data source has no records. Similarly ShowHeaderWhenEmpty property allows you to show or hide the Header row when there is no records. These are the really good and very frequent required properties. Now, if you are working with the Repeater Control, it doesn’t have any direct features which enables you to set user define content when data source is empty. In this blog post I will discuss how we can create a custom ASP.NET Repeater control with support of EmptyTemplate along with few more important features.

Track Changes and Advance Scroll Mode in Visual Studio 2010

In the recent update of Visual Studio 2010 productivity power tool  there are few new interesting features introduced.   You can download the Productivity tool from .  There are certain new features like Quick Find which allows you find and advance find dialog option with in code editor with nice highlighting features, nice enhancement of add reference window. kunal chowdhury has some nice blog post where he talked about  above two new productivity tool features. You can find the post over and . In this post I am going to talk about another nice and most interesting features of Power Productivity Tool which “Enhanced Scroll Mode”.