1:1 Career Coaching with Abhijit

I am on a mission to empower every developer to become a Technology Leader.

Hello There !! 🙋🏻‍♂️

I would be happy to connect and mentor you for your personal and professional growth. I can provide you with career advice and coach you to overcome your career challenges. You can also ask me about choosing a technology platform, guiding you in writing your first book, helping your public speaking, or starting your blog.

Let’s Connect for a discovery call and unfold your potential.  🧑🏻‍🚀
  • How can I help you?
    • Career Guidance
    • Direction for right technology path
    • Building Technology Leadership Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Writing your first Book
    • Publish your first blog
    • Running a successful blog
    • Team building guidance

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by several great mentors, coach who guided me throughout my career and helped me to grow both professionally and personally. Over the decade, I also got the opportunity to mentor many students and working professionals and shape their jobs and growth. Over the years, many of you reached out to me over email, via my blog, and I helped most of you in all possible ways. I want to take this platform forward, expand the reach, and commit a dedicated time to have 1:1 career coaching to guide and help you. 

There will be no charges for this session, and it will be free of cost.

Looking forward to connecting with you and learning from each other.




Who can register for this 1:1 coaching session? 

My mission is to empower every developer to become a Technology Leader. If you are a software professional and an aspiring technology leader who needs direction for your career path, feels stuck or wants to explore your true potential to become a Technology Leader, this session is for you. 

What is the duration of the session?

The session duration is 30 min.

Is this session free of cost? 

Yes, This 30 Min coaching session is entirely free of cost. 

Can I reschedule my session? 

Due to any unavoidable circumstances, if required, I would be happy to accept reschedule only based on the prior notification sent before the scheduled event. 

If you missed a session without prior notice, please contribute INR 500 at “Need Base India” toward Meals for Childs as a penalty to accept your rescheduled session. 

Can my session request get canceled?

Yes, if you don’t provide the required details which help me determine the need for the discussion, I may cancel the request. I conduct this session only over the weekend and spend a significant amount of my personal time; I would like to have this time focused on the people who are really in need. 

Can my session get rescheduled? 

Yes, I may reschedule the meeting with advance notice due to unavoidable circumstances.