Connect 1:1 with Abhijit – Speed Mentoring Program

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by several great mentors who guided me throughout my career and helped me to grow both professionally and personally. Over the decade, I also got the opportunity to mentor many students and working professionals and shape their jobs and growth. Over the years, many of you reached out to me over email, via my blog, and I helped most of you in all possible ways. I want to take this platform forward, expand the reach, and commit a dedicated time to have 1:1 connect to guide and help you. 

I would be happy to connect and mentor you for your personal and professional growth. I can provide you career guidance, share my thoughts for any interview preparation, or ask me anything related to choosing a technology platform, guide you writing your first book, help you in public speaking, or starting your own blog.

Check details and registration process:

Connect 1:1 with Abhijit

How can I help you ?

  • Career Advice
  • Interview guidance
  • Choose the right Technology Path
  • Self Help Guide
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing your first Book
  • Publish your first blog
  • Running a successful blog
  • Team building guidance
  • Any other direction for personal & professional growth

There will be no commercial involvement with this program. It will be completely free of cost.

Quick Access :

Looking forward to connect and learn and help each other !!



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