Start Learning Azure in the most effective way – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Tutorial

Want to Learn Azure? Are you a Student or A developer and want to start your career with Microsoft Azure? Setting up right foundation is the key for any Skills. So, you need to set it up well. With more than 600+ services available for developers, it is overwhelming for anyone to get started. In this video, I have explained the best possible and effective ways to start learning Azure with clear steps to learn it well and clear your foundation. You will learn 6 key services that will get you started building your solution; with that, you can have your confidence build to start learning more.

This was one of the most frequent question i have received via my blogs, during interaction with many students / working professional – Want to learn Azure? How do I get started ? So I decided to create this video.

Azure Tips and Tricks

Check it out .

Download the Sample Reference Architecture discussed in the video :

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