Microsoft User Group Hyderabad – Online UG Meet Sept – 2020

Session Delivered : Visual Studio Code for Azure Developers, Consultants
and Architects

Microsoft User Group Hyderabad organized online User Group Meet for the September 2020.  It was a half day sessions on Azure for Developers, Architects and IT Pro’s delivered. This was the first time MUGH Conduced event online due to this current pandemic situation, and we will continue organizing the events online.

During my session I covered how we can leverage Visual Studio Code while developing application with Microsoft Azure

  • Using Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machine  from Visual Studio Code
  • Visualize ARM Templates
  • Create, Manage and Deploy to App Services from Visual Studio Code
  • Using Azure Storage, Function Apps, Logics Apps from Visual Studio Code
  • How we can start leveraging features for kubernetes and Dockers from Visual Studio Code

Session Recording :