Microsoft Web Camp

The Microsoft Web Camps have become the epicenter of Microsoft’s interaction with the web development community, where leading-edge developers and architects gather to learn and build websites using ASP.NET MVC 3, Internet Explorer 9 , HTML5 and latest changes in Web Technologies” . Microsoft Web Camps are designed to help you learn to build websites using latest web technologies like ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Web Matrix, HTML5,  IE9 and many more.  Web Camps at Hyderabad scheduled on 16th June 2011, at Microsoft Campus , IDC Building .

I will be presenting on “What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 for Web Developer”, a complete demo oriented session where I will be talking about IIS Express, NuGet Integration, IntelliTrace with 64bit Apps and SharePoint, HTML 5 Intellisense, SQL CE Tooling Support, Web Deployment Tool and much more. You will get know much new stuff which has been shipped with Service Pack 1 along with their uses and internal stuff.