Download PPT – “Caching Enhancement in ASP.NET 4.0” – Virtual Tech Days – 9th Feb 2011

Today I delivered an 1 hour session on “Caching Enhancement in ASP.NET 4.0”  at Microimagesoft Virtual Tech days 2011. It was the Day 1  of Virtual Tech Days and I presented the 4th session  on Developer Track 1, from 3.00 PM To 4.00 PM IST. Thanks to all of you for attending my session. In this session I have discussed about ASP.NET 4.0 Caching Enhancement . I started with fundamentals of ASP.NET Caching to make sure all the attends are in same page. In Caching Quick Tour section I have talked about why Caching ? What are the different types of caching ? How Caching works ? etc. Then I have discussed about New Object Caching API in .NET 4.0. In this section I have talked about new Memory Cache API, there Implementation using System.Runtime.Caching . I have also shown how we can use same set of API in an Winforms / WPF / Console Application. Followed by, I have explained how we can extend the Object Caching by implementing MemoryCache Class. 

After that I talked about internals of ASP.NET Output Caching, How Output Cache works. Then I have discussed about the Output Cache Provider and Demonstrate how we can create an Out Process  Cache storage to page outputs. In this section I have discussed about output caching, fragment caching, substitution etc.  Finally discussed about selecting Cache Provider on the Fly.

Download Presentation


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Video will  be uploaded soon to Virtual Tech Days Web site .

Thanks again for attending and sharing your feedback and great response. If you have question please drop me mail or contact me via contact page.

Thanks again !

Cheers !



  1. Hello Abhijeet,

    after downloding this pptx it is not open “can’t read this file can you please check”

    Thank you
    Kirti Darji


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