30 Days – 30 Azure Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips- June 2020 Links

Daily .NET Tips is aiming to share valuable coding tips and tricks for Developers. This site exclusively intends for sharing Tips and Tricks, useful Code Snippet, new features, which developers use in their regular development work. In this post, I am quickly listing down all the tips shared over the month of june 2020.

Azure Tips and Tricks

  1. How to use the editor in Azure Cloud Shell?
  2. Getting Diagnostic Dumps for Azure App Service
  3. Exploring App Service Diagnostics in Azure Portal
  4. How to check resources deployment operation details for Azure Services?
  5. How to Move an Azure Subscription to a different Management Group?
  6. Create and Manage Azure VMs from Visual Studio Code
  7. Application Insights Telemetry Contrast trends using Pin Multiple Entry
  8. Setting up Continuous Delivery with Azure DevOps directly from Azure VMs
  9. Check Azure VMs Advisor Recommendation Directly from the VMs
  10. Visualize ARM Template in Visual Studio Code
  11. How to check the list of all Azure Free Services in Azure Portal?
  12. Configure Azure Advisor Recommendation Rules for Azure VMs
  13. Set up Digests for Azure Advisor Recommendation
  14. Configure Azure Advisor for Specific Resources
  15. Enable / Disable Automated Access Tier Change Rules in Azure Blob Storage
  16. Automatically updates Access Tier in Azure Blob Storage
  17. How to check your Azure Subscription Support Plan?
  18. Enable or disable pop-up notifications in Azure Portal
  19. Quickly Check Azure Resources Security Hygiene
  20. How to Restore Default Settings for Azure Portal?
  21. How to create your own Azure Monitor Workbooks?
  22. Using Azure Monitor Workbooks for Quick Monitoring Analytics
  23. Quickly Access all Shared Dashboard in Azure Portal
  24. Automatically Export Azure Subscription Cost Analysis Report
  25. Clone Dashboard in Azure Portal
  26. Manage Views for Resources and Resource Groups in Azure Portal
  27. Choose Default Mode for the Azure Portal menu
  28. Setting up Azure DevOps for Node.js Apps using Azure DevOps Project
  29. Exporting Visual Studio App Center Data to an existing Azure Application Insights
  30. Reuse Microsoft Flows Actions Using Copy To Clipboard

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