10 Years of Daily .NET Tips

Time flies! It feels like a few days back when I decided to have a very focused, niche, and single knowledge base of .NET Tips and Tricks and launch Daily .NET Tips. Today, Daily.NET Tips marks its 10th Anniversary!!! 27th Dec 2010, exactly ten years ago, Daily .NET Tips, was published, and till then, it serves over several million developers across the globe. Daily .NET Tips key focus has always been to write short and straightforward problem-solving posts that can improve developer productivity. It’s been ten years since starting the beautiful space that has become an integral part of my day to day learning. In case you are interested, read the Story behind starting the Daily .NET Tips

The Day 1

27th Dec 2010, Daily .NET Tips was launched and here is the go live blog – .NET Tip a Day, Keeps painkillers away!

10 Years – A look back !!

More than 4.5M of  overall visitors, Approx. 9.5K Subscribers, 7K+ Social Network followers. What an amazing journey.

Heartfelt thanks to all the readers, subscribers, followers for all the support. Thanks for all your acknowledgments, comments, feedback, and help me make this site better over the years. Thank you for sharing all the posts and helping to reach millions of developers.

Thanks to all the technology leaders, product leaders for sharing and showcasing the post across different technology platforms to help reach maximum readers. Many thanks to my lovely wife, Ananya, for her invaluable support and helping hand toward reaching this milestone.

Keeping this site up and running, maintaining it, working on posts, SEOs takes a significant amount of personal time, and I thoroughly enjoy doing it as it helps many developers! Thanks to my hosting service provider for their excellent support, proactive communication, and keeping the infrastructure up and running while taking care of anything related to the website and its core engine. I feel I could spend some more time on content this year; I would focus on managing this in the upcoming days.

Thanks to all the sponsors, advertisers for your support. If you have any sponsorship/advertisement inquiry feel free to send an email to contact@dailydotnettips.com 

I would like to take this opportunity to Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year advance!


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