Windows Azure Camp – Kolkata –10th April 2011

Microsoft User Group Kolkata is pleased to invite you to the Windows Azure Camp – a 1- day deep dive session designed to help you speed up on developing for Windows Azure. The Windows Azure platform is a flexible cloud-computing platform that lets your customer focus on solving their business problems.

My Experience at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011– 25th March 2011- Bangalore

Microsoft Tech-Ed is the premier technical and networking event for tech enthusiastic which is mainly focused on current and upcoming Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. Tech-Ed India 2011 held at the The Lalit Ashok Hotel , Bangalore From 23rd –25th March 2011. I didn’t think that I will be attending the Tech-Ed 2011 this year as I had already been there at TechReady , Seattle and was busy with my other travel and some of project delivery. But, I finally managed a single day ( thanks to my manager and team mates )  for travel to Bangalore from Hyderabad to attend and meet community geeks over Tech-Ed.

Microsoft Community Tech Days – Hyderabad – 18th December 2010

Microsoft Community Tech Days in Hyderabad Scheduled on 18th December 2010. This time I will be speaking on one of my favorite topic “ASP.NET 4.0 State Management Improvement – Deep Dive”.

What is Community Tech-Days?

The Community Tech-Days website says “Dive deep into the world of Microsoft technologies at the Community TechDays and get trained on the latest from Microsoft. Build real connections with Microsoft experts and community members, and gain the inspiration and skills needed to maximize your impact on your organization while enhancing your career”

Community Tech-Days (CTD)  is a Microsoft technology event organized by Microsoft and Local Microsoft User Groups  to help developers and IT Prof. to catch up with the latest technologies and development methodologies.

.NET Community Event – ASP.NET 4.0 In-depth ( II )

In continuation of our previous session on ASP.NET 4.0 – In Depth , We are going to take remaining part of the  session on 10th October 2010.  asp-net-4-0-session-agenda

We will be covering below topics

  • State Management Enhancements
  • Client side Enhancements
  • Deployment
  • Overview of Dynamic Data 

    Rest of the topic we have already covered in our previous session. 

  • You can download the videos and presentation of previous session from  here.

    Details of the Session :

    Speakers: Abhijit Jana & Abhishek Sur

    Scheduled Date: 10th – October- 2010  (Sunday )

    Scheduled Time: 2.00 PM to 4.30 PM – IST

    Live meeting URL:

    Meeting ID:  Will be send from DotNetFunda.Com upon registration

    Is Paid?: No, It’s FREE Session

    Is Registration required ? Yes . Please register here .

    Note: Members who had already nominated for the first part of this session happened on 19-Sep-2010 need not re-nominate.

    Thanks !


    Update : ASP.NET 4.0 – In Depth Session – Download Video and PPT

    Today I have given an Online session on “ASP.NET 4.0 – In Depth” with Abhishek in a community event organized by DotNetFunda.Com. Thanks to all the attendees. As we were running out of time, we will continue the same in a different session on rest of the topic.  All the nominated users will get an email for next session details.

    Things that we have covered already :

    1. Basic Introduction of ASP.NET 4.0 Features
    2. Visual Studio 2010 Enhancement Session for ASP.NET 4.0 (With Demo)
    3. Server Control Enhancements (With Demo)
    4. Search Engine Optimization (With Demo)

    Whatever we have covered till now, ready to download

    ASP.NET 4.0 In-Depth Session videos, PPT and source code

    We have lots of things to cover and probably we will fix a time later in the up coming weekends and update you the same.

    Below topics we will cover in out next sessions

       1. State Management  improvement in ASP.NET 4.0  ( With Demo)

       2. Deployment in ASP.NET 4.0 ( with Demo )

       3. Client Side improvement ( With Demo )

       4. Dynamic Data ( With Demo)

    Apart from those topic I will discuss few tips and tricks of ASP.NET 4.0

    We will be update soon with our next session date and time. Thanks again for joining.



    .NET Community Session : ASP.NET 4.0 In-Depth

    I  will be speaking in a .NET Community session  organized by on ASP.NET 4.0 .  Below is the more details about the session

    ASP.NET 4.0 introduces number of features that improve the core ASP.NET functionality and many changes that allow developers to have a strong controls over the application. These enhanced features makes ASP.NET 4.0 more effective for the web developer than the already existing versions of ASP.NET.

    The agenda of this session :

    • What’s New in ASP.NET 4.0
    • Improvement in Visual Studio 2010 for web development
    • Empty Website project and Cleaner Web.Config
    • MetaKeyword and MetaDescription enhancements
    • Controlling ViewState mechanism 
    • Controlling ClientID generation for controls
    • CompressionEnabled Session
    • CSS Improvements and CSS Friendly Menu Control
    • ListView rendering mechanism, Enhancement in Listview control
    • Enhancement in RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList
    • SEO Friendly URL (Web Form Routing)
    • Permanent Redirection mechanism
    • Improvements in Code Expressions
    • Overview of Dynamic data
    • Caching mechanism (Output Caching, Object caching etc.)
    • ASP.NET Applications / Database deployment.
    • Q & A
    • Summary

    Speakers:  Abhijit Jana & Abhishek Sur

    Scheduled Date: 19-Sep-2010 (Sunday )

    Scheduled Time: 2.00 PM to 4.30 PM

    Live meeting URL:

    Meeting ID:  Will be send from DotNetFunda.Com upon registration

    Is Paid?: No, It’s FREE Session

    Is Registration required ? Yes . Please register here .

    Disclaimer :