CodeProject MVP for 2009

5th Jan 2009, I have received an MVP Award for 2009 from And I really fill proud for that I was selected for Codeproject MVP 2009.

I have received an MVP Award from codeproject for the articles what ever I have written on codeprject and helps other developers through the forums.

Here is the some content of the mail that I have received from Chris Maunder , C0-Founder of

From: Chris Maunder
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:37 AM
To: Abhijit Jana
Subject: Code Project MVP recognition

Hi Abhijit


In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the community, either through the forums or through articles, you have been awarded CodeProject MVP status for 2009.

Your MVP status will be recognized through the MVP icon you will have next to your forum postings as well as a notice in your member profile. Also, as formal recognition of your award status we will be sending out certificates to all our MVPs ……..

Again, Thank you for all the help you have provided to the community.

Chris Maunder

The Code Project

Thanks you Chirs and Your Team .

I would also like to thanks all CP members and specially My Guru (Sacha barber ) , christian Graus and Navaneeth . I have learned a lot from all of them . They all are Rock !!!

And Finally , Codeproject You are Rock !!!



  1. Abhijit you diserved it. you have done a fantastic job on codeproject. some of your article was extraordinary . wishing you all the best. keep up the good work.



    1. Hi Samir,
      Thank you ! How you are doing ?
      You can create your blog in WordPress. Creaitng Blog in Workpress is very simple. Just sign in and start creating your blog.
      initially you will get domin name like ( ) now and its Free , if you want your own domain like ( what I did, you have to give only 15$ for it. If the domain is available, It will available to with in few minute .
      Please let me know if you need more information.
      You can mail me on “”


  2. thanks. these days are very tough. lots of work, very long working hours…..etc….etc……… ok i have started creating blog per it will take some time. if i will face any problem, then i will certainly disturb u. bye.


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