My CodeProject MVP Certificate


My MVP Certificate



    1. Ohh. No ! but, the condition of my certificate was not so good. Just scaned it. 🙂 ! By the way, Also got 2 CP Stamp but 😦 😦 I waste both of them along with one of my new T-Shirt. 😦 …… . I don’t know when I will get them again 🙂


  1. HOLY AWESOME!!! I never know CP sends a hard-copy of certificate…thats too awesome man…I wish I had alot of time to write things anyway mate…congrats for all this


  2. Hi
    This Askar from Sri Lanka who working as Software Developer in Suadi Arabia.
    I m proud to see you achievement in your young careers.
    Working on C# + SQL Sever + MVC pattern.
    I im bit new to technology.

    I like to follow up your advice become a good programmer.

    Thanks and Regard
    Note : I found no way to contact you, please provide me any contact information with your willingness.


  3. Hi Abhijit…….

    First of all congrants on Getting the MVP.

    I am a fresher from B.E. Computer Science. And I am currently working on a project individually on .Net platform. I have a great interest in this IT sector..And I have also worked on VB.Net,C#.Net,Asp.Net etc.
    Now I want some of your guidelines to learn more about .net and new technologies. Can you help me in future if I need your suggestions. Can You provide me your contact details ??


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