My New Article : A Closer Look Inside RAISERROR – SQLServer 2005

Today,  I have published another article on fundamental of RAISERROR in SQL Server 2005. Its all about  internal of RAISERROR, how to use it,  sp_addmessage, use them inside TRY-CATCH etc. If you really interesed, Here is my complete article

A Closer Look Inside RAISERROR – SQLServer 2005


Written by Abhijit Jana

I am a Modern and Cloud App Development Consultant working at Microsoft. Presently I am focusing on adopting and delivering world class solution on N+1 Technologies, where I mainly drive engagements on Universal Windows Platforms, Microsoft Azure, IoT and Cross Platform and Device related application Development. I am a former Microsoft MVP, Author of Kinect for Windows SDK and HoloLens BluePrints book and Run Daily .NET Tips . To know more about me click here.

One comment

  1. Thank you good Article.

    I ‘ve a question.
    we can do this in Sqlserver2000 ?
    DECLARE @Intval int;
    SET @Intval = 1/0; — Devide by Zero Error
    RAISERROR (50009, 11, 1); — 50009 is our pre-defined error that are stroed using sp_addmessage


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