Modify “Dirty Indicator” – Using Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tool

Dirty Indicator” is nothing but the indication of “Modified Unsaved” file in Visual Studio IDE. In Visual Studio 2010, by default dirty icon shows as “*”. Using productivity tool we can customize this icon.

To launch the VS 2010 productivity Tool, from Visual Studio IDE Go To Tools > Option > Productivity Power Tool


You will find the Dirty Indicator under Document Tab Well > General Settings . Dirty Indicator having 4 different value, by default sets to “Default” which means it will indicate unsaved modified file as “*” .


Now you can easily change the indicator value from the dropdown list. There are four different option of Indicator.

  • Default
  • Small Dot DirtyIndicatorType
  • Dot
  • Disk

Below is the list of icon that represented by each indicator.


I have set my dirty indicator to “Small Dot”. What’s yours ? 🙂

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