Download PPT – “Debugging Web Application Using IntelliTrace” – Virtual Tech Days – 22nd to 24th November 2010

Today I delivered an 1 hour session on “Debugging Web Application using IntelliTrace”  in Microsoft Virtual Tech days 2010. It was the Day 2  of Virtual Tech Days and I presented the 5th session Slide on Developer Track 1, from 4.15 PM To 5.15 PM IST. Thanks to all of you for attending my session. In this session I discussed about IntelliTrace Debugging, which is  one of the most exciting features of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition. I started with fundamentals of IntelliTrace debugging and then move to the topic “How it works? “.  After that I have shown one complete demo on different settings like X86, Any CPU configuration, ASP.NET Events, gesture for ASP.NET, file access settings and also shown how to use IntelliTrace in different aspect of debugging ASP.NET Application. After that, Session was all about ASP.NET Developers, where I explained about Tracking ASP.NET Page Life Cycle using IntelliTrace, Dealing with HTTP Modules using IntelliTrace. I had also explained in different naming convention for  .iTraceLog File for Worker Process, Webdev.webserver20.exe ( Targeting CLR 2.0 ) and webdev.webserver40.exe ( Targeting CLR 4.0 )  with demo. Yes, this was really interesting. Finally I have explained about IIS Request processing and using IntelliTrace to get info out of it. Also described how you can debug you application using   from IIS.

Download Presentation Slides

Video will  be uploaded soon to Virtual Tech Days Web site .

Thanks again for attending and sharing your feedback.

I will present another session on 28th November at Community Tech Days Kolkata on Advance .NET Debugging using Visual Studio 2010.

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