Microsoft Community Tech Days – Kolkata – 28th November 2010

Community Tech-Days (CTD)  is a Microsoft technology event organized by Microsoft and Local Microsoft User Groups  to help developers and IT Prof. to catch up with the latest Microsoft  technologies. Kolkata Community Tech Days was held on 28th November at Moksh Auditorium, Camac Street, Kolkata.  The event was full of  large number of technology enthusiasts and a number of regular event speakers from various technologies present for the event. It was a great pleasure for as well  to be there as an speaker.

Here is the events overview.

Keynote by Abu Ismail :
Abu is the Kolkata User Group Lead and man behind KolkataNET . He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET category in the year 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He was started key notes for the events. First he brief about Microsoft Community Tech Days, why this event is important for all of the developer who are working with Microsoft Technologies, then he discussed about Microsoft User Group  Kolkata . He had also discussed about the how the user group performed over the period 2010. Then he talked about current session details, agenda, different competition and awards, lucky draw etc.  After his key notes he  handed over  to me to start with my session , as I was the first speaker for the event.

Advanced .NET Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 – Abhijit Jana

My session was all about the advance debugging with Visual Studio 2010. Though It was titled with Visual Studio 2010, still I covered few advance debugging topics like advance breakpoints, advance  conditional  breakpoints, advance watch window tips like Created runtime object with the help of Immediate window, Using out of scope object with the help of watch window etc which were part of earlier version of Visual Studio as well. The intention was to share some thing by which you can do some effective debugging. After that I covered Debugging ASP.NET Application from Local IIS as well as Remote IIS. I discussed about the best approaches to attaching a worker process and how to identify the  worker  process when you have multiple application pool running in IIS.   After that I discussed about most important and exciting features of Visual Studio 2010, IntelliTrace Debugging with different settings and also discussed about how its works. After the I covered few advance topics like exploring ASP.NET Internals with IntelliTrace, Multithreaded debugging and parallel program debugging. And finally I covered about the customization of debugging window using some debugger attributes. Overall session was bit fast as I have had to cover couple of topics with in 1 hr. and I showed many demos. Audience was awesome. The were very  enthusiasts to asking question, clarification and clearing their doubts. I had answered many question during and end of my session, and for few question as they are bit descriptive I will post blog for the same.

If any one of you having any doubts, please ask me your question via contact us page I will reply as quick as I can.

Here is the download URL for my presentation.

Download Community Tech Days Presentation

C# Async Functions vNext by Sankarsan Bose

Sankarsan is also very active member of Kolkata UG. He started with basic of Async programming which are available with C#. He has shown different ways of  to implement asynchronous  programming like Event Based approach, Task Based Parallelism ete.  He talked about doing asynchronous programming with delegates and custom callbacks and also introducing Tasks to deal with Threads easily. This session was mostly demo oriented. The most important think of that session was, he was started from very basic and slowly deep inside. This helps many audience who are new with the subject.

Thanks a lot Sankarsan for his great session.

People who wants to flow,  via blog, and via Twitter @sankarsan

Ribbon UI Control on WPF by Abhishek Sur

Abhhishek is another Geek and .NET Lover. He is an MVP from code project for his huge contribution on the codeproject forums.  He is an expert of WPF. He started with the overview of WPF and XAML.Then he covered use of WPF for next generation Rich Applications with better UI and designs. He showed lots of demos on different WPF controls and customization. Finally he started with WPF Ribbon UI Control with basic fundamentals to deep dive. The session was really good and he handled most of the questions that asked by the audience.

Thanks Abhishek for your excellent session.

People why want to follow him via his blog, and  via Twitter: @abhi2434

Back to Basic – .NET Essentials  by Rajiv Popat

Well, as per my opinion this was the best presentation of  the day. Rajiv having a great presentation style. He knows how to move along with audience while present . As per his subject goes I thought he will give some in-depth fundamental of .NET basic, but when he started, it was something different and people really loved it. He started with asking few question to audience and moved out to his demo directly. He demonstrated  “Inversion of Control” first  using Interfaces and then Delegates. Then he described which is better.  Rajiv also took examples of few real world scenarios to demonstrate the concepts clear.He also demonstrated the  Lambda Expression with the idea of Anonymous delegates.

Again, overall I will rate this presentation as highest because of his presentation style and coordinating with audience and for an excellent demo . From his presentation any one can understand his subject matter expertise.

Well done Rajiv !

People you can follow Rajiv via his blog or via twitter @thousandtyone

Finally It was  time for Awards and reorganization. KolkataNET recognized many of his member who has done the excellent job over the year. Awards were categorized into Community Chapms, Active Members, Speaker of the Year, Best Blogger for KolkataNET group etc.

Many congrats to all the winner Vaibhav Sharma : KolkataNET Community Champ 2010, Ritaban Guha : KolkataNET Student Champ 2010, Ankur Bhowmik & Esha Patra: Best Speaker for KolkataNET User Group Meet and Me and Abhishek received awards for Best Blogger 🙂 .

  Overall the event was great success. Thanks to all the sponsors who helped KolkataNET events to be successes.   The most interesting think I found, not only the software professional, I found many student who are either in final and 3rd year of their engineering also very active with this group. I personally meet few guys like Abhik ( MSP) , Rohit (MSP), Arka (MSP), Ritaban ( KolkataNet Student Champ 2010)   and  few of them were from  the same collage from where I did my Master Degree. Great meet buddy ! Hope to spend some more time with all of you in some upcoming events.

Thanks !

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