Tips from Daily .NET Tips – Week 1

Here is the quick reference of Week 1 .NET Tips from .

Generate Method Stubs using Shortcut Key in Visual Studio

In this tips I have shown how you can generate a method stub using shortcut key

Calling Methods From Watch Window

From this tips you will get to know how you can call a method from watch window

Conditional Breakpoints with Method Calling in Visual Studio

Know how you can use some return value from a method with in conditional breakpoints.

Know when your application pools recycling in IIS 7.5 – Log an entry in Event Viewer while recycling

In this tips you will learn how you can log information in event viewer whenever application pool getting recycle

How to count number of active session for State Server Session Mode ?

Know how to count number of active session from State Server session using Performance Monitor tool

How to calculate Session data size for SQL Server session mode?

In this tips I have show, how you can calculate the session data size in SQL Server Session mode.


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