My Experience – Windows Azure Camp– Kolkata 10th April

10th April, 2011 Microsoft User group kolkata organized a 1- day deep dive session on Windows Azure at Microsoft Office Kolkata  with the help of Microsoft,  Microsoft MVP’s and Community. The session was designed to help developers to speed up on developing for Windows Azure. The main focus of this event was to help people to get touch with Windows Azure and its features and  a complete hands on labs.  All audience present there by 9.30 with Laptop. They were too much enthusiastic  to learn about the new technology. Me and Abhishek present there as Speaker over there. All Setup were done and we were  ready go !


Venue : Windows Azure Camp, Kolkata

We started our event around 9.45 AM in the morning, and I asked Amit Bansal to start with key notes. Though it was unplanned and it was quite surprise  for Amit, but he was as usual rocking with is speech. He gave the complete object of the whole day sessions  and handed over to me. 


Key Notes by Amit Bansal

Well, it was whole day journey and lots of things to be covered. Me and Abhishek discussed a lot on agenda and how to arrange each and every topic,  so that it helps to the audiences.  After couple of round of discussion over past few days, me and Abhishek came up with below agenda for the whole day session


Before I Start, I asked the audience how many of you know clouds and worked on that. There were only few. So I  started with why Cloud ? Why do we need this ? What are the benefits of it . Abhishek  gave some additional inputs by explaining the different scenarios using graphs.

Once everyone is coformatable with fundamentals of Cloud,  I started with Windows Azure with one Nice Video.

What is Windows Azure ? A Nice Video to start with Windows Azure Session

People enjoyed it lot. Because, it says all about Windows Azure.  We discussed about Windows azure’s features, advantages, then we  started with different components of Windows Azure.


We covered one by one topic theoretically along with step by step practical

Demo that we have show during explanation of “Windows Azure Components”

1. Cloud on Desktop Getting Touch with Web and Worker Roles

2. Exploring Development Emulator

3. Exploring Windows Azure Portal and its different features

3. Hosting ASP.NET Application On Windows Azure

4. Converting existing Application to Azure Application

5. Using Table Storage in Development Fabric

6. Exploring Table Storage with Azure Storage Explorer.

7. Playing with Blobs Storage

8 . After completing all above topic, Abhishek has  shown an excellent demo with  Parallel Processing using Web Role , Worker Role and Queue Storage


and I was watching from the back  ( Who ever taken the snaps, thanks ! )


I was watching a demo by Abhishek

In between, we had our lunch as well.  Me and Abhishek explained lots of theoretical stuff along with demo to gave them complete understanding.  ( Thanks to audience for capturing the snaps and given back to us )


Me and Abhishek Explaining about Windows Azure 

Then we moved to next part, SQL Azure. Again I started with One nice video. and Same response.

SQL Azure Video To Start with



Demo Covered during the SQL Azure


9.  Walkthrough on SQL Azure Portal, Creating Server, Tables and runs query’s on SQL Azure

10 . Firewall Setup and best practices.

11. Connection SQL Azure with On Premises  data base server.

12. Migration of SQL Azure with local data store

13.  Access SQL Azure from ASP.NET Application

Abhishke also explained some demos related with

14.  Azure with  WCF , WPF and Windows Phone

Final Topic that we have covered was, Windows Azure AppFabric. We didn’t go that much of details of AppFabric, just gave quick round of introduction and again one video.

Azure App Fabric Quick Start Video

During the whole session, people were do busy with hands on , they did whatever we were doing.  Me and Abhishek love there enthuse and answering each one their answer.

Finally I started didn’t some competition for the audiences.  I have a blank diagram, and final version of that diagram shown below, which We covered whole day and asked them to explain it with in 3 minutes.


6 guys from the audience came participated well and came to front and talked about it. Me and Abhishek was very much happy to see there explanation. That was the success of the event. After the explanation, I asked rest audience to vote who was the best and based on their opinion  we gave nice goodies to Abhik Mitra ( MSP Kolkata).


Abhik Mitra Explaning his learning of the day in front of well and won the goodies !

Me and Abhishek also promised to send a personal gift to all other 5 guys who came into front and spoke about their learning from that session.

That was all about the Session. Finally, Abhishek Talked about the community activities and MVP’s . 

Yeah. That was all from the Session ! Thanks Behalf of me and Abhishek to all the audiences , support staff. Special thanks to Abhishek Kant, who managed the all things and Amit Bansal to be there .


What else, came out from the office, had some Tea and casual talk at Nandan with few of my old friends and Kolkata’s MSP .



Get Presentation from

Will upload demos soon !

Then Back to home. Great Event. Great Experience.

This is my on flight writing. Wrote this complete post while traveling from Kolkata to Hyderabad. Hope you liked it !


Cheers !!


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  1. Before the session I know the spellings only of “Cloud computing” and “Azure”. But after the session I have learnt a lot of things about that technology. The session was really fabulous.


  2. Wonderful session! Very good heads up about Cloud Computing and Microsoft offerings on Cloud Computing. Thanks to Abhijit and Abhishek :).


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