My Upcoming Events : Virtual Tech Days and Developer Conference 2011

imageThe 12th edition of  Microsoft Virtual Tech Days – being held on 28th to 30th Sept 2011.   I’ll be presenting a session on Web Developer Track and will talk about  Tune Your ASP.NET Application Using Visual Studio 2010 Profiler on 29th Sept 2011 from 1:45pm – 2:45pm (IST) . Application Performance is very much critical for any business so, tuning and analyzing application’s performance  is must needed for any application. In this Session  we  will learn  how we can use Visual Studio 2010 Profiler to Tune ASP.NET Web Application with different approaches like Sampling ,Instrumentation and other profiling strategy. We will learn about details application execution process, object allocation, call trees which help tune the performance of the application and how instrumentation  can helps to get those details by injecting  a marker in the underlying code base of application  . We will also learn how we can use profiler with web load testing, profiling application from IIS, Profiling with IIS Express, Compare different profiling reports  and finally will look inside some JavaScript Profiling.

This is an live meeting event. You can attend it from any where. To register for this event click here . Find all the details agenda from here .

Tune in for a demo filled session.




October 1st, I will be presenting at Developer Conference 2011 Organized by Microsoft User Group Hyderabad . This is a full day event and you can attend this  event for free in person at Microsoft Campus, Building 3, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.  Overall there are 9 different session across different Developer Track.  Check the Dev Con Web Site for more information.

About My Presentation

I’ll be presenting together with Jebarson Jebamony . In this session we are bringing the most current innovative technologies of Microsoft to talk to each other via every developer’s favorite .net.

We will showcase how the smart Kinect can interact with the beautiful Windows Phone through the muscular windows azure. You will also get the opportunity to experience how it feels to program for Kinect, windows azure and windows phone.Yeah you guessed right, we are going to program the applications for you right in front of you. We are also looking into the possibilities  of running the demo in your own windows phone during the session.

To ensure that you enjoy the most and you are no way lagging in the technology,  I would seriously recommend you to attend the  Virtual Tech Days Session which are targeted on windows phone and Windows Azure.  


All the attends of  Dev Con 2011 will get 2 weeks free subscription from pluralsight which will be distributes at the end of the events.  Many more goodies are waiting for you!.

I have few copies of “SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros ” Book by Pinal Dave . Will give away to few of the attendees during my session based on some random competition.

You can learn more about the event here, and register to attend for free here.

Hope to see you there!

That’s not all, many more event are coming during month of October ! So, Stay tuned !!

Cheers !!



  1. Hi Abhijit,

    Can you please give a link of offline video for your presentation “Tune Your ASP.NET Application Using Visual Studio 2010 Profiler”.As I am not able to join the session at that time, it would be a great help for all of us.



    1. Hi Rajesh, Video will be available in VTD site, but will take few more weeks to get it live. You can download my presentation from here

      I am planning to write series of post on the same. Hope that will be useful as well.


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