Few Nice features in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview for ASP.NET Developers

Visual Studio 2011 developer preview introduced many great features. These  includes IDE features such as HTML Editor Enhancements,  Debugging features, parallel computing improvements, SharePoint development features etc. You can read the Announcing Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview post from Jason Zander’s WebLog to know more about the newly launched Visual Studio. In this post I am going talk few of  nice features of Visual Studio 2011 developer preview  related with ASP.NET.


Bundling and Minification in ASP.NET 4.5

Optimizing application performance  is a key element for business. There are several ways by which we can optimize the applications performance. It can be done either by server side code optimization, caching or some client side optimization. In this post I am going to discuss about one handy and smart way to optimize web applications performance using Bundling and Minification  features which is introduced with ASP.NET 4.5 Developer Preview. ASP.NET 4.5 Developer Preview introduced bundling, which combines multiple JavaScript files for faster loading with less number of requests for download and minification, which reduces the size of JavaScript and CSS files by removing unneeded characters .  Combination of these bundling and minification helps web pages to load very faster. Let’s have a looks how it works.

Use Visual Studio 2010 to Profile your ASP.NET Application which is hosted on IIS

Most of all are well aware about command line profiling for ASP.NET Application using  VSPerfASPNETCmd command line tool . This can easily profile your ASP.NET Web applications which is hosted on IIS. We just need to run VSPerfASPNETCmd command with required parameter. Once profiling done, we can inspect the generated performance  report (.vsp) file within Visual Studio. But, do you know we can do the complete profiling within Visual Studio itself. How ? Here you go.

Download Presentation Slide “Knotting Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure and Kinect” – Developer Conference 2011

Here is the presentation slide that we have used during our session at Developer Conference 2011, Hyderabad on 1st October. During the session  I started with very fundamentals of  Kinect devices and Kinect .NET SDK. I have shown how much easy it was to code with Kinect .NET SDK and developed different application  with Kinect Camera, 3D Depth and Skeleton Tracking. In the next step,  captured images using Kinect when it was detecting any Skeleton and uploaded the same on live Azure Blob Storage and added some information on Azure Queue Storage. After that  Jebarson took it forward and shown how Push notification can be placed in between Azure and Windows Phone 7 to notify the subscribed user when some photo been captured, uploaded to the Azure and then the image is shown in your WP7 Device after successfully authentication.