Download : “Betty Wallpapers” – Windows Phone App for Bing image search

Screenshot1If you ever wanted an application in windows phone which can search images and wallpapers from internet and download it into your phone, then your wait is over.

My friend Jebarson has developed a very simple app named "Betty Wallpapers" which uses Bing for searching the images / wallpapers from the internet and shows up on the screen. You can download them directly into your library.

The application also exposes search options which allows you to filter your images by size, aspect, color, style,etc.

This is a totally free application except that you will not be able to turn off adult filter in the trial mode considering the fact that minors will not hold a credit card.

Screenshot5             Screenshot3

Feel free to download it from Market Place  . Do not forget to submit your review for the same. If you have additional feedback, directly reach out to Jebarson (  / @Jebarson007)


Written by Abhijit Jana

I am a Modern and Cloud App Development Consultant working at Microsoft. Presently I am focusing on adopting and delivering world class solution on N+1 Technologies, where I mainly drive engagements on Universal Windows Platforms, Microsoft Azure, IoT and Cross Platform and Device related application Development. I am a former Microsoft MVP, Author of Kinect for Windows SDK and HoloLens BluePrints book and Run Daily .NET Tips . To know more about me click here.

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