Daily .NET Tips – Completed 1 Year Today

imageI am very happy to inform that,  Daily .NET Tips marks the first anniversary today.  27th Dec 2010, I announced the official launch of this web site ( .NET Tip a Day, Keeps painkillers away! – Live at http://dailydotnettips.com – 27th Dec 2010 ).  A year back I started with this site with intention of sharing most useful and handy tip and tricks on .NET that can improve productivity of work while coding and can give solutions of much required problems.  This site is completely design for sharing Tips and Tricks, New Features, useful Code Snippet which you can use in daily development work and targeted anything related with .NET.


With the 1st anniversary, I thought to share some interesting facts regarding this web site:

This has been a very great journey, lots of fun and learning over the year and this is just the beginning.  I would like to thanks each individual of you who supported to encouraged for this web site. My personal thanks to “Abhishek Sur”, who is the  main contributor and administrator of Daily .NET tips.  Abhishek shared numbers of tips over the year and taken care of many backend stuff of this web site.  Thanks to our valuable contributor Jebarson JebamonyAtul Verma, Pranay  ana, Shravan Kumar and   Brij Bhushan Mishra for their contribution with various tips.

And of course, many thanks to my lovely wife Ananya for her priceless support. Today is her birthday as well. Don’t forget to wish  here !

Well, this is just the beginning and hopefully will continue with same passion over coming year. Will appreciate your suggestion and feedback to improve.

Thank and keep visiting.

Daily .NET Tips | Founder
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