Daily .NET Tips – Completed 3 Years Today

imageToday (27th December), Daily.NET Tips marks its third anniversary!! 27th Dec, 2010, I officially announced  the launch of this web site with an objective of creating a knowledge base of different .NET Tips and Tricks that can help developer to improve the productivity in their day to day development.


This site is targeted for all the beginners to advanced levels of .NET developers. You will find tips and post from the beginners level to advanced level, however there is no as such categorization provided in the tips difficulties level. Finally, it is up to you,  how you are applying it into your day to day job based on your level of expertise.  If you are preparing for any .NET interview, this site materials may tremendous helpful to you.

With the 3rd anniversary, I thought to share some interesting facts regarding this web site:

Some of the great moments of this year,

Channel 9 Talks about Daily.NET Tips


Windows Phone App for Daily.NET Tips


and finally, we have redesign our complete web site this year and finalize the site logo. Great thanks to my friend Rajesh ( He also runs his own web site DailyUXTips, if you are interested in UX designing, do visit his web site.)


I have designed few coffee mug for daily.NET Tips, and hope to give away few of them very soon !!


Major Tips Categories

Following are the major technology area currently we have and we are growing…

3 years !! this has been a very great journey, lots of fun and learning.  I would like to thanks each individual of you who supported to encouraged for this web site. My personal thanks to “Abhishek Sur”, who is the  main contributor and administrator of Daily .NET tips.  Abhishek shared numbers of tips over the years and taken care of many backend stuff of this web site, and developed the Windows Phone App as well.

And of course, many thanks to my lovely wife Ananya for her priceless support. Today is her birthday as well. Don’t forget to wish  here !

Well, this is just the beginning and hopefully will continue with same passion over coming year. Will appreciate your suggestion and feedback to improve.

Thank and keep visiting.



Daily .NET Tips | Founder

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  1. I am late for giving a best wish to Ananya to her Birthday, but late better than never, Happy birthday Ananya! You have the best husband Abhijit.


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