Blogging Tip – Crop Image to a Shape using PowerPoint

As a blogger we generally spend good amount of time by editing images, creating diagrams for blog posts. I personally use PowerPoint for most of these diagram creation and images editing for my blog post. ‘Crop Image to a Shape’  was something that I overlooked. In fact, I have seen this feature earlier, but could not realized that I could use this feature for nice image editing for my own posts. This was something I realized while writing How to change Menu Bar Style in Visual Studio 2015 ? post .

The bottom part of this image has been cropped ( just to give a fancy look though 🙂  )

DefultMenuStyle How to change Menu Bar Style in Visual Studio 2015 ?

And, it was done with “Crop Image to a share” feature using PowerPoint.

Here is the simple steps

  • 1. Insert the Image  / Copy and Paste the Image , in the PowerPoint slide.
  • 2. Select the Image, and from menu ribbon, select “Formats –> Crop –> Crop to Shape” Option.
  • 3. Then choose the shape for your image that fits your need.


That will automatically translate the image with in the shape.

You can read the blow post for more information on cropping.

Just try it out if this new to you !

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