I Wish you a Happy New Year 2015

Wish you and your family a  very happy and prosperous New Year in year 2015. Time for a new beginning, new days and new year. May this new year bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life. I Hope this new year fills your life with happiness and perfect health always, much more success and happiness. New year brings new ideas, new hopes and of course courage to overcome all the new challenges.

As we wind up with year 2014 and beginning a new year, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the friends, visitors, readers, followers of my blog for their encouragement, feedbacks and support.

Be Safe ! Stay Safe !

Image Source : http://abhijan.me/1x79jQB

Best Regards,


Written by Abhijit Jana

I am a Modern and Cloud App Development Consultant working at Microsoft. Presently I am focusing on adopting and delivering world class solution on N+1 Technologies, where I mainly drive engagements on Universal Windows Platforms, Microsoft Azure, IoT and Cross Platform and Device related application Development. I am a former Microsoft MVP, Author of Kinect for Windows SDK and HoloLens BluePrints book and Run Daily .NET Tips . To know more about me click here.

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