.NET Tips and Tricks from Daily .NET Tips – ( Visual Studio 2015, Windows Universal App Development, Microsoft Band, Xamarin ) – July 2015 Links

Daily .NET Tips is aiming to sharing useful coding tips and tricks for .NET Developers. This site completely design for sharing Tips and Tricks, useful Code Snippet which anyone use in daily development work and targeted anything related with .NET.  This month we have shared post mainly with Visual Studio 2015, Windows Universal App, Microsoft Band and on Xamrain.  In this post I am quickly listing down all the tips shared over the month July 2015.

Windows Universal app development / Windows Store app development

  1. How to display the back button in the Windows Universal APPs title bar ?
  2. Creating a Windows Universal App from your existing Web Sites using Visual Studio 2015
  3. Using Extended Execution in Windows 10 Universal Apps
  4. Adaptive screen Sizing of your Windows 10 Universal Application
  5. How to fix the camera freezing issue when switching between Apps in a windows store app?
  6. Windows Simulator has detected that you have saved a Windows Credential- Windows Store App Deployment Error in Simulator

Visual Studio

  1. Difference between Shared project and Class Library Project in Visual Studio 2015
  2. Using Shared Project across multiple applications in Visual Studio 2015
  3. Write Unit Test Automatically using IntelliTest in Visual Studio 2015
  4. Debugging Lambda Expression in Visual Studio 2015 – Watch Windows, Immediate Windows and also in DataTips
  5. Peek Definition Everywhere – Using it with CSHTML, XAML, ASPX … along with C# in Visual Studio 2015
  6. How To customize PerfTips Colors in Visual Studio 2015 ?
  7. PerfTips – Easiest way to get Performance Information during Debugging in Visual Studio 2015
  8. How to debug a windows service without installing ?

Microsoft Band

  1. Creating an Universal App that Reads Your Heart Rates from Microsoft Band

Xamarin / Cross Platform Application Development

  1. How to Play Audio using MediaPlayer using Xamarin in Visual Studio
  2. Audio Recording using MediaRecorder using Xamarin in Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

  1. 4 Simple Steps – Auto Update to Visual Studio Code

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