Application Insights – Real Time Telemetry for your Cross Platform Application

Application Insights helps us to track applications health in real time. You can track you application availability, performance issues, users session and diagnose crashes faster then ever. It’s provides a real time dashboard  for your app to monitor your application. It is fast, very easy to configure and provide very powerful insights for your application. Not only with a Web Apps or Desktop apps, it supports various other platform like Universal Windows, Windows Phone and other platform like JAVA / J2EE, iOS, Android, Node.Js, Ruby, Python … or you can say it’s is available for ‘almost any apps’ .

On 6th Nov 2015, I delivered a talk at Future Unleashed event on “Real Time Telemetry for your Cross Platform Application” .  The objective of the session was to showcase how we can use Application Insights across various platforms including web, universal apps, and different mobile platform like android / iOS. Here is  presentation slide and the different article related with my talks that I have published earlier.

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Topic Covered

  • Understand the importance of collecting Telemetry data
  • Getting started with Application Insights
  • Leverage Application Insights across various platforms
  • Identifying and Solving real time problems with Application Insights
  • Monitor and analyze the telemetry data


Demo :

  • Getting Started with Application Insights using Visual Studio 2015
    • Start using Application Insights without a single line of code for a Web Application, easy integration and different tooling supports. Quick walkthrough of Azure portal and understand the basics of captured telemetry information. Understand how to use application insights web test for web application availability.
  • Application Insights for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
    • Understand how application insights works for Universal Apps running on cross devices like desktop, tablets and phones. Walkthrough of custom events, dependency call, and exception details. Verify the app usages from different devices.
  • Using Application Insights for Android Apps
    • Using Application Insights for an Android app using Application Insight SDKs and Visual Studio 2015.
  • Monitor and analyze the telemetry data to understand your customer better
    • Real time monitoring and analysis with live dashboard , understanding product usages, visualize the data using Power BI with the help of Azure Stream Analytics

Refer following articles for some in-depth details…

Using Application Insights right from the Visual Studio 2015

Create and add a new Application Insights from New Project Window Dialog

Adding Application Insights to a Windows 10 Universal App


Using Application Insights for your Android App – with Visual Studio 2015


Get your Application Insights data in Power BI – Faster than ever


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