Atomic Habits – Book Summary in Mind Maps

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. Small changes make no difference Until we cross the threshold. The book Atomic Habits by James Clear focused on the key principle of getting 1% better every day. This book also emphasizes how and why we must focus on a “system” driven by “Identifyinstead of focusing on “goals” driven by the “outcome”. I have captured the summary and my key takeaway of the book in Mind Maps.

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Reading Start Date : 29 / 06/ 2021 End Date: 03-07-2021

~8 Hrs. of Overall Reading Time

Why did I mention the start date and end of the date? Well, it has a purpose. Over the years, I read several books, but if I look at the speed and the timeframe of reading any book, it wasn’t consistent. I can admit, Atomic Habits Books, which is around ~270 Pages, would have taken at least one month for me to finish, and that was my average speed. And, this is always related with how fast or slow you read. There are lot of other factors including timing, environments, etc. Well, Nothing to shame about it. I used to read ~8-10 Books / Year. But, I want to read more and more. I finished this book in 5 books. How did it change?

Special sought out for my Mentor Dr. Manjunath, a Leading Memory & Mind Performance Coach in India. Over the last week, I attend his workshop on Speed Reading Techniques at Morning 5.30 AM. Overall, it was an eye-opener for me, which covered the Sciences & Arts behind the speed reading and bad reading habits that delay and procrastinate the reading. 

If anyone wants to read more and increase your reading speed, I would highly recommend considering attending his workshop.

Thank you Dr. Manjunath for your all guidance.

Some of my previous book summary :

Disclosure Note: This is not any paid promotion for the workshop. Neither I was asked to write about it nor prompted me in any way. I wanted to share this with all my readers who are associated with me over decades and part my journey. 

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