Azure DevOps in a Nutshell using Mind Map

DevOps is about the interaction within production management, software development, build and release management, Quality Assurance, and Administration Team. Azure DevOps has everything you need to develop your software product, from envisioning to put it into end users’ hands. The Azure-hosted DevOps services can enable your end-to-end product delivery with excellent traceability across the teams. Azure DevOps allows you to plan your project using agile tools, manage your source code using several code repositories, automate your build and release using a highly scalable build and release pipeline, manage your test plan, and automate your test case execution. All in all, an end-to-end traceability dashboard for Business users, developers, and other project team members.

Learn Azure DevOps in Nutshell using Mind map.

Download all types of formats from here.



Azure DevOps, General


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