Building a Home Security System with Arduino – Book Review

Packt Publishing released a new title named,  Building a Home Security System with Arduino authored by Jorge R. Castro. I  received a free copy of this book from the publisher and agreed to read the book and write the review.

I personally have lot of interest for Home Security System, and worked  a lot with different Home Security Scenarios using Kinect for Windows device. Hence, reading out this book was full of enjoyment for me. This book gives  a great coverage of different possibilities that you can design for.

My Review :

It is a great book for anyone who is starting with Arduino and want to build some cool stuff by own. The approach of the book made it very easy to follow and learn.  This book start with very well explanation of different scenarios of Home Security system, how does they works and how you can turn your current home to a security system.  This actually gives you a  well understanding about different platform, scenarios and types of application that you can easily built.