Unable to Start Web Site on IIS – “Process can not access the file because It’s being used by another process”. How to resolve ?

I was trying to run one of my local IIS hosted site I got page not found error. I was quite surprised to see that error because the site was up and running few hours back. I opened the IIS and found that my Site Application was in stopped mode. I started the web application and got the error message displayed below

Problem : Error message “Process can not access the file because It’s being used by anther process”  while starting the web application from IIS.

Investigation and Resolution:  Earlier my web site was running on the default IIS port ( Port 80 ).  From the error message it’s clear that port 80 is being used by some other process or some one is blocking it.

I changed the default web site port which was 80 to some unused port (8087). To achieve this right click the application and then click Edit Binding.

7-19-2010 12-18-17 PM

After this port change I started the site again and it started.  So, the main problem as identified was Port 80 being used by some other process.

I have already discussed the resolution process, which is to change the port. But, I want to my Site to run on Port 80, so I have to identify which process is blocking the IIS Port 80. To check this I used netstat command which displays the details of port along with the process ID.

I found that Process ID with 3368 is blocking the port 80. I opened the Task manager and added the Process ID Column from setting and found one of my chatting application using the Port 80 😦 .

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    1. isn’t it easier to restart the “World wide web publishing service”?
      Start>Run>services.msc (right-click the service and restart)


    2. Workaround will be to not having Skype start automatically with Windows, so that IIS will get hold on the port first. Then start Skype manually (Or just run Skype on your phone instead…).


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