How to Understand the complexity and maintainability of the code ?

Code Metrics is one of the important software measures that give you an insight of your code maintainability and complexity. No one likes over engineered or too complex code.  As a developer when you are writing your code, you must adhere those boundary values of metrics to ensure your code is well written, understandable and maintainable.

Code Metrics is an important measure that let us understand the complexity and maintainability of the code.

While discussion with many developers recently, I found there are  lot of developers still didn’t know about this tool or such metrics or why should you use ?  or not clear about it   – Well, By taking advantage of these metrics, as a developer, you can understand which classes, which methods, which module should be reworked or refactor. You can identify complexity,  potential risks, implementation flaw with in your project.

Recently I wrote a series of posts on Code Metrics and different tooling utility in Visual Studio at Daily .NET Tips.  You may consider to follow them one by one to gain more knowledge and tips and tricks unit test.

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