Announcement! Our Book – “HoloLens Blueprints” is Published and Now Available!

I am very pleased to announce the availability of my second book, and our first book HoloLens Blueprints – co-authored by Manish Sharma, Mallikarjuna Rao, and Myself. This book introduces and demystifies the HoloLens platform. You will start your mixed-reality journey by understanding different types of digital reality. You will learn to build your first holographic app. Also, you will understand holographic application integration possibilities within Line of Business (LOB) Applications using Azure. Moving ahead, you will create Integrated Solutions using IoT with HoloLens. Gradually you’ll learn how to create and deploy apps on a device. You will learn to publish application to the store; if you are an enterprise developer, you will also manage and distribute applications for enterprise-enabled or domain-joined HoloLens.

Finally, you will develop an end-to-end realistic holographic app, ranging from scenario identification to sketching, development, deployment, and, finally, production.

Available at Amazon, Kindle & Publisher’s web site . Try Book Preview

 What you will Learn

  • Interact with holograms using different interaction models
  • Develop your first holographic app
  • Integrate holographic applications with cloud systems
  • Visualize data feeds coming from the cloud through holograms
  • Manage the application distribution of enterprise-enabled HoloLens
  • Integrate HoloLens applications with services deployed on Azure
  • Identify and create 3D Assets and Scenes
  • Use HoloLens to explore the Internet of Things (IoT)



  • Chapter 1: Digital Reality – Under the Hood
  • Chapter 2: HoloLens – The Most Natural Way to Interact
  • Chapter 3: Explore HoloLens as Hologram – Scenario Identification and Sketching
  • Chapter 4: Explore HoloLens as Hologram – Developing Application and Deploying on Device
  • Chapter 5: Remote Monitoring of Smart Building(s) Using HoloLens – Scenario Identification and Sketching
  • Chapter 6: Remote Monitoring of Smart Building(s) Using HoloLens – Developing Application and Deploying on Device
  • Chapter 7: Build End-to-End Retail Solution – Scenario Identification and Sketching
  • Chapter 8: Build End-to-End Retail Scenario – Developing Application and Deploying on Device
  • Chapter 9: Possibilities
  • Chapter 10: Microsoft HoloLens in Enterprise



I would like to thank all my readers for your fantastic response on my previous book Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide, and encouraging me to think through write another one; of course It took more than four years!!  Thanks for all the feedback on my blog post related to HoloLens and keeping me busy with your questions … It was a huge learning for me !

HoloLens Blueprints –  is an outcome of more than 8 months of great team work. Without a great team work, we could not come up with this book, and it was great collaborative work from all the coauthors. Manish is a great technology leader, and Malik is known for his 3D work. It was a pleasure working with them in this project.   Oh! yes, we took this snap on the day of book released!

HoloLens Blueprints – Authors (Left to Right – Myself, Mallik, Manish)

Thanks to the Packt publishing for the opportunity to write for them. Sincere thanks to the complete editing team, and the reviewer Michael Washington, who helped us to identify, fill the gaps and improve the overall content of this book.  Many thanks to Charul Pant, and Akshay Dixit for doing offline review of the book.  Thanks to all our team members, who helped us on the different aspect of this book.

Last but not the least, our families! who stood by on us, every single day, from the day we started working on this book.  We wouldn’t have never been able to write this book without support from our family. Be it late night working or meeting over weekends, they supported us every bit and pieces.

Finally, we have written this book based on our personal experiences, experiment, study, learning from others, peer coding and working on different PoC’s with HoloLens. The information given in this book are our personal thoughts and does not reflect the opinions of our employers. If you find any mistakes or have some constructive feedback, please  drop us email at , ,  . We will try our best to address then as earliest.

Let’s starts the journey with Mixed Reality on HoloLens !!

Cheers !


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