.NET Tips and Tricks ( Visual Studio , Azure, VS Code ) from Daily .NET Tips – March & April 2018 Links

Daily .NET Tips is aiming to share valuable coding tips and tricks for .NET Developers. This site exclusively intends for sharing Tips and Tricks, useful Code Snippet, new features, which developers use in their regular development work. In this post, I am quickly listing down all the tips shared over the month of March and April 2018

Visual Studio

  1. Azure Tip: Global Subscription Filtering in Azure Portal
  2. Directly deploy non-containerized application to Azure App Service on Linux From Visual Studio
  3. Azure Key Vault connected service in Visual Studio 2017
  4. Connecting Your Azure Bots with QnA Maker Services
  5. How to quickly refer all available Azure services?
  6. Learn to interact with Azure services through code – Azure Code Samples
  7. Azure Solution Reference Architectures
  8. Configure Continuous Delivery(CD) to Azure right from the Visual Studio
  9. Setting up Continuous Delivery for Azure App Services from Azure Portal
  10. Quickly setup everything you need for develop, deploy and monitor your solution on Azure – Using Azure DevOps Project
  11. How to keep up to date on Microsoft Azure Services?



  1. Video Tip : How to check default language version in visual studio?
  2. Visual Studio Tip: Quick Actions and Refactoring – Quickly convert for-to-foreach
  3. Visual Studio Tip: Prompt before moving files to a new location in Solution Explorer
  4. Expand Selection command in Visual Studio 2017
  5. Preventing Security Warning Dialog Box for Projects in Visual Studio
  6. Visual Studio Tooling for migrating NuGet Packages.config to PackageReference
  7. Create New Git Repository While Creating New Project in Visual Studio
  8. Enabling Add to Source Control Option for New Project Dialog in Visual Studio
  9. Exclude Project from Visual Studio Team Services(VSTS) Build Definition

Visual Studio Code

  1. Bringing custom icons to your Visual Studio Code projects
  2. Visualize the Git history in Visual Studio Code


I have also shared couple of Video Tips and would produce more Video contents in upcoming days.


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