Design a cost-effective solution using Azure Cosmos DB Consumption-Based model

Azure Cosmos DB is one of the most impressive platform service that is schema-agnostic, fully managed, globally distributed, and multi-model database. Azure Cosmos DB offers scale, low-latency, and high throughput with API’s support of SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and tables. It also provides global distribution, which means you can scale and distribute it across different Azure regions. While designing a solution for the cloud, one of the critical considerations is how to make it cost-effective. In this post, let us quickly examine what offers Azure Cosmos DB provides to build a cost-effective solution.

.NET Tips and Tricks ( Visual Studio , VS Code, Azure Cosmos DB) from Daily .NET Tips – Feb 2018 Links

Daily .NET Tips is aiming to share valuable coding tips and tricks for .NET Developers. This site exclusively intends for sharing Tips and Tricks, useful Code Snippet, new features, which developers use in their regular development work. In this post, I am quickly listing down all the tips shared over the month of Feb 2018.