Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part I) – Installation and Development Environment Setup

The Kinect SDK is a developer toolkit for developing applications. This SDK provides a fantastic interface to interact with Kinect programmatically. The Kinect for Windows SDK beta includes drivers that interact with H/W and provides an interface to interact with device, APIs for  interacting with  Camera, Sensors, microphone and Motor. The SDK provides capabilities to the developers who build applications with  C#, VB or C++  with Visual Studio 2010  which is running on Windows 7. I started developing application with Kinect SDK almost 2 months back, from the day when I received my Kinect Device. I tweeted about my first application over here  and I am still learning about the Kinect SDK API’s and how to use them in different ways. Let’s share the learning over here. I will keep posting as step by step to allow you to  understand the API’s and get inside Kinect development. I will write a series of post where I will discuss about fundamentals of Kinect SDK API and developing Application using it and yes Step by Step and obviously with Demo Project