Get the IR Stream and control the IR Emitter – Kinect for Windows SDK

In this post I am going to talk about how to capture the Infrared stream from the Kinect sensor and control the IR emitter using Kinect for Window SDK. This feature is available with the Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6. The major components for a Kinect device consists of a depth sensor, color camera, IR Emitter, and a set of microphones with everything secured inside box. The box is attached to a small motor working as the base that enables the device to be tilted.

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part V) – Developing Application using Multiple Kinect Devices

This is the fifth post in the series of Development With Kinect .NET SDK.  In this post I am going to discuss about interacting with multiple Kinect devices with in a single system using Kinect .NET SDK. Before going forward, I will strongly recommend you to read my previous post where I have discussed about Connecting Multiple Kinect Devices with System  which will help you setup your system with multiple devices.

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part IV) – Connecting Multiple Kinect Devices with System

This is the fourth post in the series of Development With Kinect .NET SDK. In few of my previous posts I have covered Setting up Kinect Devices and Getting Started with Kinect Development ( Part I) , Exploring NUI APIs with Camera ( Part II)  and Adjusting Kinect Camera Angle (Part III). Till now whatever I have covered, that comes under dealing with  single  Kinect devices. Let’s have some more fun with multiple Kinect devices.  The Kinect .NET SDK does provide support for multiple Kinect devices.   In this post I am going to discuss how you can configure two devices with your system.

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part III) – Adjusting the Kinect Camera Angle

This is the Part III of my Kinect .NET SDK Development series post. In past two posts I have discussed about  Installation of Kinect Devices along with setting up your development environment and Exploring NUI APIs with Camera. In this post I am going to cover some more fundamental stuff of Kinect Camera. Kinect .NET SDK provides some API to interact with motorized tilt ( Check out the device details section of first post for more information )  to enables the camera up (+27 Degree)  or down (-27 degrees) .  To adjust the motorized tilt  you need to  set the NUI Cameras ElevationAngle property to a value between –27 and +27.

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part II) – Using NUI APIs with Camera

In my previous post Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part I) – Installation and Development Environment Setup I discussed about  fundamentals of  Kinect sensors and developing application using Kinect .NET SDK. I also explained different types of API that mainly used for interacting with Kinect Device. Natural User interfaces (NUI) and Audio are the core APIs stack for Kinect sensors and  and in the previous article we starts with NUI APIs. By this time you must know how to get start with of NUI API’s by initializing the runtime. Let’s take a inner look of NUI API. In this post I will discuss about NUI APIs for Kinect .NET SDK and will see how we can interact with Kinect Camera Sensors using it.

Development With Kinect .NET SDK (Part I) – Installation and Development Environment Setup

The Kinect SDK is a developer toolkit for developing applications. This SDK provides a fantastic interface to interact with Kinect programmatically. The Kinect for Windows SDK beta includes drivers that interact with H/W and provides an interface to interact with device, APIs for  interacting with  Camera, Sensors, microphone and Motor. The SDK provides capabilities to the developers who build applications with  C#, VB or C++  with Visual Studio 2010  which is running on Windows 7. I started developing application with Kinect SDK almost 2 months back, from the day when I received my Kinect Device. I tweeted about my first application over here  and I am still learning about the Kinect SDK API’s and how to use them in different ways. Let’s share the learning over here. I will keep posting as step by step to allow you to  understand the API’s and get inside Kinect development. I will write a series of post where I will discuss about fundamentals of Kinect SDK API and developing Application using it and yes Step by Step and obviously with Demo Project