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Keep Motivate Yourself by Self Reward

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.  There is no other teacher but your own soul.”  ― Swami Vivekananda

Self-Motivation is the key of success! You know what you want and what you value the most. It helps you to get your day by day work done and to reach your ultimate long term goal. There are multiple factors that can help you to achieve your goal but “Rewarding Yourself” is something by which you can treat yourself as special. Who is better than yourself to provide an encouragement?

In our day to day work, we do multiple tasks. Many of them we do really like and of course few of them are not. It is always not possible for us to delegate or ignore them! Consider another situation, where you stuck during the end of your personal project work.  It is always easy to Ignorer, give up and let it go! But before let it go, think about the amount of efforts you have spent to reach till the position where you stuck. One technique to overcome such situation is “Self Rewards”.

You know, what is the best part of the self-reward? You can use it when you have completed something, stuck with something, reached to a small goal, you have been recognized by your peers and also when you have done some good work, but that has not been recognized. I would rather say, make it part of your regular activities, you will definitely get the positive result.

So how to reward your self? It’s not really a bad thing to take a break between work, watching videos, go out for walk, have a coffee, visit sites like Facebook, or Twitter to get your social updates. Set a target for yourself, and you have to make sure to complete them before you leave your desk or have coffee ( prefer to get a coffee before you start) or even visiting social web sites . But it is very important to set the time limit for the same, especially when your task is not done. This strategy relies on complete determination. If you plan for it, let’s do it!

This rewards  aren’t expensive and  most of the time are so basic. I am sure, you are following many of them, but may not be using them like rewarding yourself  or after a milestone complete- For an example, start your day with social network site!  Which is absolutely not a good idea. If you can use them properly with the determination, In the end, not mater how basic the award is  what does matter is how effective it is at getting you through your tasks and helping you to reaching your goal.

So, self-incentive can go quite a long way along with you in our day to day task. Here is something that you can reward yourself daily basis:

  • Break between in your work, when a milestone is completed.
  • Have a cup coffee with your friend.
  • Have a quick walk.
  • Get your social updates in Facebook, Twitter.
  • Play some indoor games.
  • Watch few videos.

Apart from the above list, I do follow few and I am sure you too, generally over weekend or when some bigger milestone achieved.

  • Have dinner with family / friends.
  • Party with friends.
  • Went out for watching movie with family
  • Quick drive out side with family.

To conclude, self reward is nothing new or it is not something that you can not live with out. This is something  I feel this is the best you to keep motivated and reaching you goals.

Feel free to share your thoughts !

 Image Credit : Rajesh Nair | Daily UX Tip
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  1. The adventurous activities keeps my spirits high. You are right in your article. During the work day, i try to keep all my conversations as humorous as possible, that as well helps pretty much.


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