1:1 Career Coaching with Abhijit

I launched this program one year back, Jan 2021. Over the Past 1 Year, I connected and mentored several working professionals through this program. I am grateful for the opportunity to guide many of you and see your success in your different fields. I would be happy to connect and mentor you for your personal and professional growth. I can provide you with career advice and coach you to overcome your career challenges. You can also ask me about choosing a technology platform, guiding you in writing your first book, helping your public speaking, or starting your blog.

I will continue with this program have a weekly connect, you can read more about the program here

  • How can I help you?
    • Career Guidance
    • Direction for right technology path
    • Building Technology Leadership Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Writing your first Book
    • Publish your first blog
    • Running a successful blog
    • Team building guidance
  • What is changing
    • The scheduling and meeting invites are fully automated; you can instantly choose available timeslots and block my calendar.

If you have any pending request, which is not yet scheduled, I would request you to resubmit your request once again.

I will continue to have this speed mentoring session without any charges. It will be free of cost.

Let’s Connect for a discovery call and unfold your potential. 



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